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Life Insurance

We partner with dozens of carriers to ensure the best rates on a life insurance policy

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Protect your family with an affordable life insurance policy that meets you and your family’s needs. Prodigy will search for the best price for you so that you can rest at ease knowing that your family will not inherit financial burdens. Talk with our experts to explore term life insurance, permanent life insurance, or final expense insurance.

Future expenses

Life insurance can help cover costs such as funeral expenses, medical bills not covered by health insurance, college for your children, debt payment, housing costs, and any other expenses that your family might incur. Find peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of and that you aren’t leaving them in a costly circumstance.

Life insurance is a financial safety net that can help eliminate any worries you may have about your family’s financial future.


You’re in control of your life insurance policy and we are here to help you align your goals with a coverage plan that’s in your budget and right for your family. We will help you navigate your decisions so that your plan is set up right, keeping your family’s future as a number 1 priority.

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