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Prodigy Insurance Consulting - Ken's Bio


Kenneth was raised in a small rural farm community in south central Kansas, where he was brought up with a strong work ethic at a time and place where you did what you said you would do. Kenneth grew up surrounded by people who expected nothing but his best effort, which shaped his values and work ethic into what it is today.

Kenneth studied criminal justice and later spent several years working as a police officer. His chief of police always said, “your word is everything. Never lose your credibility. If you lose that, you have nothing left.” Kenneth lives by those words every day in his personal endeavors and his professional life.

He has spent 20 years building relationships with insurance carriers and understands the value of his word. Kenneth founded Prodigy Insurance because he believes individuals, families, and property owners deserve better representation.

In his decades of experience working both for and with large insurance agencies, he has learned that independent agencies like Prodigy offer the best method for property owners to secure their insurance products. He believes in representing clients by “building a case,” much like an attorney represents their clients in a courtroom. He carefully leads you through the risk management and transfer process, develops strategies for loss control and risk sharing, and ensures that you and your family feel secure.

Kenneth loves getting to know his clients on a personal level and he understands small business owners because he has been a small business owner for more than 20 years. No matter what his clients’ insurance needs are, he makes sure to offer them the service and product quality that they deserve. Kenneth has built Prodigy around the idea that simply doing what you say you will do will lead you to client relationships that you’ll partner with for a lifetime.